Kunst- und Schreib-Wettbewerb Akron - Chemnitz

Fünf Schülerinnen der Montessori-Schule Chemnitz beteiligten sich an diesem Wettbewerb. In den letzten Wochen und Monaten setzten sie sich mit der Thematik „Helpers and Bystanders“ auseinander.Nach inhaltlicher Auseinandersetzung folgten Entwürfe, die anschließend umgesetzt wurden.Folgende Arbeiten wurden eingereicht.


Camille Sasse


My painting got the title “no way out“

I wanted to express and to show the situation of the Jewish people in the time of the Holocaust.

You have to imagine how helpless they were because the fascists and SS-governments were those who killed them. But there were a lot of bystanders, too. Normal people like you and me and they didn’t do anything to stop this crime or to support the Jewish population. Almost none was brave enough to do so. Because everyone in Germany was scared of being the next one and just hoped to get through without loosing life and family.


Wiebke Medea Sasse


This picture shows a Jewish woman with her dead son in World War II. Both fled, but the boy was so exhausted and tough the woman survived the war, she never became happy. There was an entire people that supported the cruelty of the Nazis by its lack of resistance. I don’t understand that. The grey houses in the background symbolize the bystanders. I couldn’t give them a face. How should you draw that?


Lina Lehmann


I just can’t understand, that in the time of National Socialism, people with Jewish believes were transported to Concentrations Camps without opposition. They were publically executed and discriminated. The question that remains in me is: ”Why didn’t people rise up against the indescribable crimes of the Nazis murdering children, women and men?” I can’t understand that.


Louis Wahlich


My painting shows how broken the people are as a result of National Socialism. People were deported daily and never returned. They thought about whether to fight back but their fears did not allow for action. Those thoughts, the things they saw and the fears scared the people so much, that they did not notice, that they actually let the Nazis act instead of fighting back.


Marie-Luise Striegler


This picture shows a Jewish boy who was able to escape the Nazis. He stands there all by himself, looking at the ruins symbolizing his despair. Now he has to start a new life without his family. The inconceivability of Holocaust remains. This should never happen again. 



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